Program Development

    At Body Blueprints by Janet we customize the training experience to fit your needs; train in our studio, your home, even your office. After all, our specialty is getting you into the habit of an exercise routine that fits your body, as well as your hectic schedule. Working with you as your partner, we are here to help you stay focused on achieving your individual goals while providing the necessary motivation, inspiration and leadership to help you stay fit for life.

    Our client specific exercise programs are a prescription designed to modulate acute exercise programming variables to create the adaptations desired by the individual or sport. For increased cardio respiratory function and health, an aerobic exercise prescription with regular adjustments to the type of exercise, duration and frequency of the exercise will stimulate adaptations. To increase strength, increase muscle and reduce fat, your body will be challenged with a resistance exercise prescription, where the type of exercise, session volume, rest period, frequency, and intensity of those exercises are varied regularly.

Programs incorporate a variety of modalities to keep you engaged and avoid boredom.

Weight control/body composition optimization
Body sculpting/muscle firming and toning
Aerobic and cardiovascular training
Sport specific training
Strength training
Core strength training
Plyometric training
Flexibility/stretching to increase range of motion
Small group (2-3) fitness training sessions
Partner exercises and drills
Cardiovascular and weight bearing movements to maximize fat loss
Reduced body fat %
Increased endurance and stamina
Full body conditioning
TRX Suspension Training
Kettle bell Training
Stability Ball
Medicine Ball