Live a better life with the guidance of Body Bluprints! As a health and wellness professional, I have the knowledge and energy to get you looking and feeling great! Learn how to lose the fat, recapture your youth, and generally feel better about yourself with my unique training techniques.

Regardless of age or physical condition, let me help you improve your fitness and wellness. Whether you have been working out on your own or are interested in starting to exercise for the first time, I have the expertise to ensure you get the most out of your exercise regimen. I also offer nutrition counseling sessions in South Charlotte and Northern South Carolina .

Discover how to stay fit at an early age with our Youth fitness Programs! Build a self-image that you can be proud of, and develop the self-confidence you need to succeed.

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We work with all ages interested in improving overall fitness and health. Programs are customized for short, mid and long term goals.

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Whether you have had a sports related injury or have taken a fall. We can develop a plan for you to get you back in working order.

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Want that "swimsuit" body
or need to improve your overall health? Wellness goals will be met through exercise and nutrition.

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We are as flexible as the product
we deliver. We can work in our studio, at your home or even at your place of work.

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